Additionally, a monochrome streak often is not uncommon, and all of these efforts would only serve to earn ONE unit.

Double play to increase the betting limit

A solution which then appears would be to play two to free themselves from this maximum bet, by betting so as to compensate each other, but this forbids. By calculating, by playing two, that would also make you win only one turn, with the obligation to share with him your possible gain: not very profitable solution.

Thirteen against the bank

In 1966, Norman Leigh formed a team of twelve players and set off to attack the roulette tables in Nice. This thrilling book is surprisingly detailed and provides plenty of details about the game of roulette. Written like a novel, many people have taken this story for a work of fiction: it is not! Using the reverse Labouchère technique, they broke the bank in many casinos until they were detected and of course banned from casinos.

Reverse Labouchère’s martingale

Henry Labouchère was a politician who invented a martingale that Norman Leigh had the idea of ​​inverting to beat roulette by playing as a team. Indeed, in a classic betting system, the player increases his bet if he loses, thus improving the chances of the casino: it is a question here of doing the opposite and of playing systematically and simultaneously on red and on black, but by playing more on the color that comes out than on the other by increasing his stake when he wins and reducing it when he loses.

The player then really bets on the fact that even a perfect roulette wheel does not produce exactly as much red as black in the same evening. This system works as soon as one color comes out more than the other. If there is exactly as much red as there is black, the player neither wins nor loses anything, except when zero comes out, which is little compared to the winnings.

Norman Leigh’s betting system, or reverse Labouchère progression , consists of the player defining a series at the start of the game, taking the four numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in that order. The player adds up the extremes, ie 1 + 4 = 5 and therefore bets 5 units on a color, always the same. When he wins, he starts adding the extremes again. If he wins immediately and continuously, he plays 5, then 6, then 7, etc. If he loses, he erases the extreme numbers and plays the last number not erased from his column, so he plays less than what he just lost. So if he loses immediately and continuously, he plays 4, then 3, etc.

Team play with the Labouchère system to beat roulette

Norman Leigh played with two teams of six players who took turns around the same roulette wheel , one player per strip. Everyone plays independently, so they do not play in a group, they do not break this casino rule, on the other hand they put the result of their evening at the casino together, which is not prohibited.

Playing as a team is essential to cover all the bands, a single player cannot manage to make these calculations, collect the winnings and place his bets for each band by himself all in less than two minutes: at the casino, there are at least 30 prints per hour.

So how is it that casinos still exist?

This is hard earned money, it is an extremely difficult system to set up and follow, especially in real life, in a real crowded casino where distractions are bloated.

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