English roulette is a variation of French roulette, which uses the same cylinder as French roulette but which varies in terms of stakes, stack layout and number of players, limited to 7.

To add to the confusion between the different types of roulette ( American , French and English), the roulette wheel used in the United Kingdom is referred to locally as “American roulette”. It is in fact an adaptation of French roulette with an American style table.

The English roulette cylinder

The cylinder of English roulette is the same as that of French roulette, it has 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36: 18 boxes of red color, 18 boxes of black color, and 1 box is green for the number Zero.

The carpet of English roulette

English roulette chips

Each player changes the chips provided by the casino cashier against colored chips, specific to English roulette and the table where he is playing. Each player therefore has his own color of chips, which makes it possible to avoid any dispute. The pattern on the chips are subject to change between two English roulette tables within the same casino.

Exit from Zero

There is no prison sentence in English roulette when breaking zero: the bets are automatically shared with the bank trusted online casino singapore.

Summary of the differences between English roulette and French roulette

English Roulette differs from French Roulette in the following points:

  • The game is played from 1 to 7 players
  • Each player purchases and plays with their own color of chips, which can only be used at the table where they were purchased.
  • The playing mat differs from that of French roulette, but the announcements and combinations as well as the payouts are the same as those of French roulette.
  • There is no imprisonment for chips wagered on Single Chances, sharing with the bank is automatic.

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